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Originally Posted by MBITION View Post
I enjoy the same. I also made a post to offer an item that someone on this site might be interested in. If they are great, if not, then that is fine. Sorry to hear about you being on medical leave, hopefully you recover quickly.

As for if I knew these people, would I offer the same thing. obviously that depends on my relationship with them. I would certainly offer the spot if someone wanted it, the amount of profit depends on how close of a friend they are, and the situation they are in.

My rebuttal question would be this; If these people knew me, and lived and worked with me, would they be so quick to say the things they've said? Or would they actually ask some follow up questions and have some understanding about the situation. Or, if they were in the same situation, would they do the same thing?(not that most of them will answer honestly)
Well, I can't speak for the others, but I would basically say what you are doing is not "cool" and leave it at that. I am not sure what you mean by an understanding of the situation though. You are trying to make money by selling your spot on an M3 waiting list. I thought that was pretty clear.