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Originally Posted by MBITION View Post
Apparently my time is worth more than yours since I at least have the potential to gain something with my "marketing" where as you do not.

Also, I haven't spent ANY additional time marketing my spot then I would have otherwise spent in front of my computer while @ work.
I post here because I feel like it and enjoy shooting crap about the M3, not to make money, so your comparison is irrelevant (and I'm on medical leave recovering from surgery). I won't comment on your (lack of) professionalism though...

Although I am not saying you are necessarily doing anything wrong or illegal by trying to sell your spot, be mindful that you have ticked off many people in doing so. That should tell you something...if you knew all these people in person and lived in the same community with them, would you still be doing the same thing? Finally, you are not adding anything to the M3 discussion on this board, so your initial post constitutes spam more than anything else.

Good luck doing what you're doing man!