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After spending an hour with the demo.....


- More feedback from the tires which makes driving more rewarding (holding final judgement on the physics until i race on a familiar & proper racing circuit)

- Car behavior during collisions is more realistic

- Engine sounds slightly improved

- in garage graphics look very good. A bit too shiny but still good.


- The A.I. would still rather stop you from passing by any means than actually drive fast itself.

- Not a fan of the Alps circuit, but it serves the purpose it was intended for

- Im in the minority but the graphics still have that overly contrasted look where shadows are too dark and give objects no detail. Theres way too much light flickering off the edges of everything which looks very distracting. Theres certainly more detail but it gets visually overwhelmed by the aforementioned issues.

- The menus have a PS2 like video game look as opposed to the more evolved look of FM3.

- Either the road surfaces are still too smooth or the physics engine just isnt picking up bumps.