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Originally Posted by M3Bahn View Post
You say only engineers matter and then when you have their names on the petition then they don't matter. I never said they were correct, I'm just curious why so many of them are calling for a new investigation?
You arent following. The opinions of architects dont matter because architects dont do any structural designs.

Engineering is a broad terms and covers such disciplines as chemical engineers, petroleum, mechanical, civil, and biological.

There are hundreds more and each one of the listed options can further be broken down into sub disciplines.

Structural and mechanical engineers opinions are the only ones that matter because those are the only engineers that design the structure of buildings. But at that only certain mechanicals matter because only some of the sub disciplines and foci of mechanical actually deal with building structures.

Would you buy a car designed by a pharmaceutical engineer? No. So why would you care about what they say when its on a building?