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^there you go. Perfectly reasonable response that fully supports what ive been saying aswell. Actually he basically just showed a computer model of what ive been saying in words.

I hate to get technical like this, but nothing is fireproof. Just as nothing is waterproof or bulletproof.

They can only be resistant to such forces, and the resistance of these materials has a shelf life.

Eventually, these "fire retardant materials" as theyre called burn away or the heat penetrates them.

And havent I already explained it thoroughly? Its called impact loading, it is an instant force that instantly causes a reaction and I went through it in the post that you quoted. Please read what I say because im tired of repeating myself.

Ok heres somehting you may understand. Lets hit a smart car with an 18 wheeler. If you were in the semi youd hardly notice that you hit a smart car at all. Your velocity in the truck will have barely changed and youd get on with your life.

That is what one floor being struck by the falling weight of the 20-30 floors above it feels like.

Weight and Inertia are the forces at play here.

Is that good? Or do I need to simplify it even more for you?

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