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You "truthers" are such victims of misinformation and propaganda. WTC7 is not a mystery.

And yes: I am an engineer (mechanical).

It's hilarious how you think they were proficient enough to rig this thing to collapse without anyone noticing, yet inept enough to get the timing off by 7 hours. It's also funny how you guys think they were really concerned with collatoral damage so had it collapse in it's own footprint. Yeah...wouldn't want to have too much damage on 9/11. And oh yeah- there was significant collatoral damage to a nearby hotel. You guys are wrong within wrong. You're wrong xhibit style...inception style.

Re: Thermite. People treate thermite like it's some advanced military explosive because it has a cool name. Thermite is iron oxide (rust) and aluminum. That's it. It reacts and forms iron and aluminum oxide. You're surprised to find iron and burnt aluminum in a burning skyscraper? Really? It's really cute how you say military grade thermite though, as if rust and aluminum are different in the military.

And which was it: thermite, or bombs? Thermite doesn't explode. What people probably heard was the inside of the building collapsing. Millions of tons of falling, bending, and breaking steel isn't very quiet.

You guys just throw as much BS as possible out there and hope something sticks, because it's much quicker to invent BS than it is to refute it.

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