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Originally Posted by Pointerman View Post
Not really. I haven't owned a manual in 10 years. My 62' MGA was my last manual about 10 years ago. I bought the DCT because it looked like it would behave like a manual when I wanted it to and like an auto when I wanted that. I really don't want automation when in manual mode. I'll live with it, but it was a surprising "feature" that doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
I think you may have misunderstood. In manual mode:
  1. If you give any throttle input (including flooring it) and don't touch the paddle, it won't change gear
  2. If you floor it but don't push it through the detente (the "resistance point"), it will only downshift one click at a time through the paddles / shifter
  3. If you slow down to too slow a speed in a higher gear, DCT will eventually downshift for you

The multi-downshift mode only happens if a) you floor it past the detente, and b) click the downshift paddle. DCT will then shift down multiple gears.