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A simple search would show pics from December at the site showing molten lava...many witnesses stating this too...indisputable evidence there....please look into this.

Please explain the thermite found by many many researchers...military grade thermite found all over the place...even in adjacent apt structures where their windows were blown out.

Many scientists measured the fall on all 3 buildings and proved it was freefall, not perceived freefall...please explain the freefall using your there any other way to freefall without all the lower floors giving way at the same time....what about the dozens of witnesses who heard loud explosions going off in succession right before the buildings came down on lower floors?...what about the video that captured the sideblasts going off in succession and in sequence on all 3 buildings right before they came down?.

Not trying to argue or bring stupid politics into this, I am just curious to see what your thoughts are on these points since you seem like a reasonable and bright person(not being facetious either).

Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
Im going to educate you in structural engineering for a bit.

There are many different kinds of loads. Point loads (which occur at a single point) distributed loads (like the contact patch of a tire)

There are also things called impact loads.

When one floor fails it falls onto the floor below it. This causes an impact load on the floor. This impact load instantly sheers bolts and welds as they become overstressed immediately after the impact of the floor above.

So when something fails in this manner it can be perceived as free fall.

Also, I highly doubt the reports of molten steel days after the collapse. Why do you ask? Because do you realize how hot something has to be burning to stay molten for that long? The melting point of steel is something like 1500 C if I remember correctly. Not nearly hot enough to have that effect.

You cant just cite some physics while completely ignoring the rest of it