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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
You messed up, not the car.

When you floor it, you'll feel a "click" as the pedal goes all the way down. When you feel that click, one flip of the downshift will automatically match to the best gear. If you flip it more than once like you did, you'll go down even further and find yourself bouncing off the rev limiter.

Don't blame the DCT

I read the manual twice. Never noticed this particular feature. I did read how in manual mode it won't shift for you unless it needs to do so to maintain a valid engine speed when decelerating. Didn't see anything about automatic down shifts which is why I was annoyed and quite frankly it is a poorly executed feature. I shouldn't have to focus on whether my throttle has clicked or not when deciding on how to shift gears. That is a useless input and manual mode should allow me to decide what gear I want.