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Originally Posted by Pointerman View Post
Add one more annoying thing. Was heading home last night and was stuck behind a car doing about 55 (transmission in manual mode in 7th gear). Went to pass when legal and simultaneously stomped the gas and clicked the down paddle twice. The car read the peddle input first and then processed my down shifts and I was instantly in second gear bouncing off the rev limiter. I assumed the car wouldn't down shift automatically in manual mode. Kind of annoyed me.
Yeah, you have to get used to it a little. Now that you know how it works, what you can do to avoid this situation is simply do your donwshifts prior to flooring it. That's how I usually do it when I am driving on surface streets and such. I typically only use the multi-downshift feature on the expressway, such as to go from 7th to 3rd.

Originally Posted by Nine View Post
Who the F goes from 6 gear to 2nd???

Do yourself a favor and attend some driving school or M school, something.

What RPM are we talking about here?
Relax a little. M school is great, and I agree everyone should attend a driving school, but driving on a track is completely different from driving on the street. In particular, on a track you are usually either speeding up or slowing down. On the street, you usually drive at a constant speed.

Even driving 6MT, going 6mt to 2nd, still makes little sense to me, I can't even think of a situation that you would be cruising in 6th gear and then all of a sudden want to get into 2nd year...unless you are hyper-miling or something...???
Passing. As I said above, the car will go over 70 MPH in second gear. I'll add that 7th gear is perfectly usable at about 50mph (2k RPM or so). So, there are plenty of situations where one could be driving at a constant speed in traffic at 50mph in 6th gear or 7th gear, and then need to pass or speed up quickly, such as to merge into a faster moving lane or onto a faster highway or expressway. Dropping to second gear is exactly what you would do in that case.
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