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Originally Posted by Pointerman View Post
Add one more annoying thing. Was heading home last night and was stuck behind a car doing about 55 (transmission in manual mode in 7th gear). Went to pass when legal and simultaneously stomped the gas and clicked the down paddle twice. The car read the peddle input first and then processed my down shifts and I was instantly in second gear bouncing off the rev limiter. I assumed the car wouldn't down shift automatically in manual mode. Kind of annoyed me.
In manual mode the M shouldn't respond to pedal input at all - if you floored it in 7th without paddle / shifter input, you would be accelerating in 7th.

I'll bet you actually discovered the "skip downshift" ability noted above, where it responded to flooring it and a downshift by shifting down to the best gear. Your second paddle shift may have sent it down one more.