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Originally Posted by w00tw00t View Post
you'll get used to it. I'm always in S4... I almost never in 'D'. I let the car usually downshift for me when I know i'll be stopping completely. If I know I have to take off again, I'll go down manually. You'll learn to keep it in the right gear for optimal torque all the time. That way you don't have to row down the gears...

Also I stay in S4, even on the track... I feel like S5 is too harsh on the transmission (just my feeling, no data to back me up) and S4 vs S5 won't turn me into a F1 driver on the track.. so I stay in S4 ... on streets and on the track..
And S5 is really annoying when downshifting under braking. The heavy throttle blip causes the car to surge a bit and then when the blip goes away the reduced gearing causes the car to brake more heaviliy. I want the braking help and that is why I downshifted in the first place, but trying to plan for the surge while braking for a corner is really annoying. You definitely need to get all your shifting done prior to the corner or that blip could send you wide.