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Whining noise solved

An update on an earlier thread. For those that were following my issue and for those that had the same issue; the noise is gone. I took video and posted it on youtube. I put a link to the video in my service request for the mechanic to hear. They were able to reproduce the whine and after consulting with the service manager they believed it was a defective or incorrectly installed window seal. After reading the notes on my paper work here is how they did the trouble shooting.

They taped the edge of the windshield and took a test drive. Sound gone. They removed the tape from the edge of the windshield and the sound immediately returned. They ordered the new seal and did the repair the next day. Took the car for a drive and sound was gone. Waited half a day and took it for a drive again and the sound was still gone.

I picked the car up yesterday and have not heard the sound again. Heres to hoping it is gone for good.

If you are having this issue run some masking tape around the edge of your windshield to see if it goes away.