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Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
Hrmm, TRIN sitting around 2-3 from yesterday. Should be interesting seeing 5-6 this week. Spx futures down to 1074-1077 levels ATM. Euro took a nose dive. Let's make some money people!

I'm expecting no significant buyback rallies until we hit closer to 1020-30 ish, thoughts ?

Bernanke just released statement saying the Fed will be prepared to help the economy if it has to. Mact, you still holding your TZA?

still have all my TZA but when ES was at 1070 hedged with SPY calls and glad I did...there is alot support at 1070 so might take a few tries/bounces before this breaks...once it does, 1020 is the target where I cover shorts.

You will know its time to get long cause NEWS will drive it and shorts who dont switch will get their face ripped off..