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Originally Posted by franc View Post
Hello all,

sorry if these questions were covered before, but i need quick answers before I make my decision on e92 vs. e93

1. is e93 hard top steal or aluminum?
The exterior sheetmetal is steel, some of the mecahnical parts are probably aluminum.

2. any issues with e93 Hard top issues from leaks, wear, tear, dust going in cabin, etc?
No, other than an occasional leak when using a high pressure touchless wash.

3. can the back windows come all the way down with the hard top on/closed?

4. any issues with the e93 cabin maintaining adequate cooling or heat vs. coupe/sedan?
Nope. Stays just as warm/cool as the 335i sedan we had.

5. can the e93 hard top glass be tinted?

6. how does the e93 handle adults sitting in the back seat? can they sit normally or they have to duck?!
Headroom isn't the issue, legroom is the issue. Once you put anyone who is 6ft+ in any of the four seats, someone is going to have to compromise on space.
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