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Originally Posted by z335is View Post
Hey guys, I recently picked up an M3 that was shipped from a dealer about 1000 miles away to my local dealer. When I went to pick up the car, we realized that there was a gouge in the drivers side rocker panel and also some vertical scrapes underneath the front bumper.

The dealer said they will repair both of the issues free of charge and said they will get it back to looking brand new. Is there anything I should request for the repair or worry about in this case?

Both of the blemishes are (relatively) minor but I would want them perfectly repaired considering this is a brand new car.

I had a similar issue, only mine was on a car I ordered, and the damage was more extensive.
I gave the dealership the benefit of the doubt. According to them, the repairs were done at the VPC. From everything people told me, and I read, I was expecting what you were told...a perfect repair. was anything but. The new drivers side door they put on didn't close properly. There was a piece of trim stickin up that they didnt glue back down properly. There was paint overspray in the door jam. The kicker...was the 5" long run in the paint in the lower left corner of the drivers side door.
The dealership offered to send it back out...promising that "their guys" would do a much better job. Personally...I didn't want a twice repaired brand new opted to reorder.

I'm not saying don't take the car. I am saying look it over with a microscope. The dealership I dealt with told me the car "looked great" I drove the 2 hours to discover what I described above.
Also...if you find you want the may be "good as new", but it's still repaired. I've yet to see a repair that was perfect. I'd get em to take some money off it.

Good luck!

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