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Possible damage to underbody...

Went over a 'bump/ in the road (hard to explain, basically, think the road turned itself into a bump...)
Here is a screen shot of the area:

I heard a big bang/bump/sound etc from the bottom rear when I went over it...made my heart sink

i was going about 35mph? maybe 40 at the most.

Went home, jacked my car up...

First I thought this was it:

A couple of marks, nothing bad (when I touch it, the white stuff comes off)
Here is the other side, clean:

But, in my heart I knew it hit further back...and harder than that

And here it is:

Now, is it really 'bad' that the bar is scrapped up like that? Does it need replacing?

Also... I don't know if you can see in the pics (hard to take shots...), but there is a mark on the rear diff.
I couldn't reach to touch it to see the condition.

I know this isn't warranty-able, it's not a defect...So i know i will need to pay out of pocket if I want it investigated/replaced
But I don't want to go about paying for something that is 'fine'

If the case is simply that I am being overly paranoid and nothing is wrong...then great

Any and all advice is appreciated