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Originally Posted by M3Now! View Post
My wife (and kids) love the vert: It's our first, and it's fun.

Basically the appeal nets out to:
  1. Me: Vert, and fast
  2. Wife: Vert (and she looks good in it )
  3. Kids: Similarity to roller coaster ride

There have been multiple comments in various threads that the E93 is slower, doesn't handle as well etc. due to additional weight, and this is likely true. It's also likely true that in 99% of driving, you won't be able to tell the difference. I drove both, and without access to a track or winding canyon road, felt no gap.

100% agree with this! We had an 09 e90 M3, now just breaking in our 2011 e93 M3. I'm astounded how much the e93 feels like it's NOT a convertible. It has greatly exceeded my expectations.
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