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Originally Posted by SD-E93-11 View Post
No kidding. It cracks me up when fixed-roof owners try to convince convertible owners that they're missing out, when it's really the other way around.
I'm not really trying to bust anyone's chops, simply pointing out that "better" is specifically relevant to the problem you're trying to solve. For example:
  • Fastest possible track version of an E9x M3: Coupe (and really it should be carbon roof, cloth seats, 18" wheels to reduce unsprung weight, etc...)
  • Wind in hair in an M3: E93 M3, which combines great handling with a roof drop at the touch of a button

Given that a) I'm not focused on track days, and b) at track days (like most drivers) my ability will be much more important than the slight differences in the car, the E93 is perfect.

Note that this also applies to transmission (another popular thread topic):
  • Want to push a clutch and shift a lever, because you find it satisfying, engaging and fun for you - 6MT (note that I'm leaving out the myriad of other possible, and mostly fallacious, reasons...)
  • Like to pull a paddle and have an instant shift, because that is more satisfying, engaging and fun for you - DCT
  • Period