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Originally Posted by silvergray545 View Post
With the end of the beautiful summer, I don't see how I can shoot cars in the winter. So I was thinking of other things I can shoot. One of my hobbies is snowboarding. I'd like to do some shooting of my friends snowboarding. The only problem is that I can't snowboard and shoot at the same time. I could, but my T3i is too expensive for me to experiment with. With that being said, I will have to be stationary while snapping pictures of my friends hitting jumps, rails, etc. What mode would you guys shoot objects in motion? Any specific setting that I should use?
Shooting digital in snow yields at least two surprises. First, most of your shots will look unexposed because the exposure meter reduces exposure to try to make whites look grey. Also, there'll often be a blue cast to snow shots.

Both problems are easily fixed. Shoot in Av or Tv mode and use +1EV as a baseline setting. Take a test shot and if hightlights are blown out on a bright day, then reduce EV until the highlights aren't blown out any more. On an overcast day you may need to add even more +EV.

To get the WB (white balance) right, shoot in RAW and adjust the whites to be white in conversion to jpeg. This is one reason to always shoot in RAW, so you can correct of WB issues after the fact.

Use shutter speed up in the 1/1000th to 1/2000th second to stop your movement and the SBoarders, except if you want to show blur intentionally. Don't be afraid to shoot up to ISO 800 to get all the +EV and SS.