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Exclamation Bonhams' Power by BMW auction @BMW Museum...

Power by BMW. Bonham’s auction at the BMW Museum 1st of October, 2011.

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First off, I know I am one lucky SOB! Who else gets to go to so many cool car events! In the last few weeks: Leipzig Werk, M Studio, Welt, the IAA, and this past weekend this cool BMW Museum car auction held by Bonhams!

I did not think I would make this event (only the second time they have held an auction at the BMW Museum, the last one was in 2009), but I did get there eventually. About half way thru my two hour drive South to Munich - I heard on the German radio that the A9 autobahn was closed due to a truck accident. Ugggg!! Lucky, I pressed onwards and thru that Stau (traffic jam). I got there a little late… but still, the auction event was going strong and I snapped up some decent shots of the cars for sale there. Basically all the auction cars were sprinkled throughout the BMW museum. Even up in the globe where the Art Car are (normally) shown, they removed all of them and put in their place the auction cars from Bonham’s. I think I was the last person to leave the globe area! I got to see some really rare BMW’s. Let me share them with you guys! Come walk with me!

Nine cars from a private German collector were offered for sale 'without reserve' at Bonhams' Power by BMW auction on Saturday:

Five highlights include:

38 kilometres from new, 1972 BMW 2800 Saloon

277 kilometres from new, 1973 BMW 3.0S Saloon

11,075 kilometres from new, 1972 BMW 3.0CSi Coupé

6,057 kilometres from new, 1973 BMW 3.0Si Saloon

31 kilometres from new, 1972 BMW 3.0S Saloon

Then there was an e34 M5 wagon! It sold for €16,100! And even a BMW powered boat! Sold for €172,500 Have a look for yourself.

Here is the Bonhams' online catalog of what was up for sale at Saturday’s auction! Just scroll thru the pages to be AMAZED!


BMW HQ building and Museum “bowl”…

First two quick shots inside der Welt…

F11 Kombi…

BMW’s HQ – the four cylinders…

Museum and Café’

1980, 316i…

Some of the auction cars parked outside the Musuem…

YES! That is a BMW boat you see there!

BMW Powered…

The ex-Helm Gloeckler,1958 Abbate-BMW Sportsboat

Sold for €150,000

Oldtimers… Only 31 kilometres from new,1972 BMW 3.0S Saloon Sold for €24,150

Only 31 kilometres from new,1972 BMW 3.0S Saloon Chassis no. 3152453 Sold for €24,150

Seventies green… 1976 BMW 630CS Coupé Chassis Sold for €8,050

1970 BMW 1800 Saloon Sold for €4,830

6er… 1976 BMW 633CSi Coupé Sold for €8,625

Flat tire…

YuP! On the other side too – flat!

A classic… 1964 BMW 3200 CS Coupé Chassis no. 76271
Estimate: €35,000 - 45,000

The new owner going for a spin…

Gelb! One owner for 30 years,1979 BMW 323i Saloon Chassis no. WBA30710006518681
Estimate: €22,000 - 28,000

Another 6er… 1977 BMW 633CSi Coupé Sold for €8,625

What do we have here… ?

Could it be… ?

It looks like its real…

Why YES it is!!! an e34 M5!!!

Alcantera steering wheel looking pretty sad…

1995 BMW M5 Touring Sold for €16,100

Inside the Museum’s lobby and up for grabs!

1976 Le Mans 24 Hours Class & 1976 Spa 24 Hours overall winning,1975 BMW 3.0 CSi/L Group 2 Competition Coupé Chassis no. 4340904 Engine no. 038694
Estimate: €325,000 - 375,000

What is everyone looking at down there?

Ohhh… the auction!

There was a lot of people there!

I worked my way downwards to the action… past the museum’s usual exhibits…

Motorsports display…

Mixed in with the regular Museum cars were these two Z1’s: one red and one black… both part of the auction!

1990 BMW Z1 Convertible Sold for €24,150

And this black Z1… 1989 BMW Z1 Convertible Estimate: €20,000 - 30,000

The two Z1’s up for sale…

More cars part of the Bonhams Auction…

Yellow racer… 1965 SWM-BMW Sports Racing Prototype
Estimate: €30,000 - 50,000

Motul 6er race car… The ex-Écurie Garage du Bac, Seikel Motorsport, 1984 Spa 24 Hours,1984 BMW 635CSi Competition Coupé Estimate: €95,000 - 145,000

Alpina 6er… B7 Turbo The 27th of 120 built,1985 BMW Alpina B7 Turbo Coupé Sold for €46,000

5er Ex-1979 Spa 24 Hours,1977 BMW 530i Competition Saloon Estimate: €30,000 - 40,000

Lets take a small detour to the //M Power room…

e46 CSL…

Now back to the auction!

Lots of bikes for sale…

Not for sale, just on display! 328 Homage Concept…

And the Original…

Lets walk up the ramp/bowl and see the real treasures that await us… at the top!

I found this little jewel just laying around in the corner…


1975 March-BMW Type 752 Formula 2 Racing Single-Seater Sold for €36,800

1976 TOJ-BMW F201 Formula 2 Racing Single-Seater Sold for €60,950

A 'BMW 328 at Le Mans' commemorative roundel, Sold for €500

Blue bike with side car: ex-Georg Auerbacher, Hermann Hahn,c.1970 BMW 500cc Rennsport Racing Sold for €84,202

A replica Steib S350 motorcycle sidecar, Sold for €2,500

A hand-painted 'Mr Bibendum' aka Mr Bib… Sold for €813

Blue 328 lady poster: Tony Upson, 'BMW 328', Sold for €3,000

Michele di Gioia, the 1987 Italian Touring Car Championship-winning,1987 BMW M3 Racing Saloon Chassis no. M3-1/7
Estimate: €80,000 - 100,000

2,448 miles (3,939 kilometres) from new,1988 BMW M3 Evolution II Sports Saloon Sold for €51,500

The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC,1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon
Estimate: €100,000 - 120,000

1939 BMW 327 Cabriolet Sold for €143,750

1933 BMW 303 Cabriolet Sold for €54,050

1969 BMW 'Spicup' Convertible Coupé Sold for €460,000

The Ex-Franz Konrad/'John Winter'/Dieter Quester/Rolf Stommelen,1979 BMW M1 Pro-car Competition Coupé Estimate: €450,000 - 500,000

1959 BMW 503 3.2-Litre Coupé Estimate: €115,000 - 145,000

ex Gilbert 'Gillie' Tyrer,1937 Frazer-Nash BMW 328 Roadster Estimate: €450,000 - 550,000

1938 BMW 327/328 Cabriolet Estimate: €225,000 - 275,000

1956/57 BMW 503 3.2-Litre Coupé Sold for €31,050

1967 BMW 594cc R69S & Steib S501 Sidecar Sold for €25,300

Back downstairs in the Museum’s lobby…

The End!


Many more photos can be found here à

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