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Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
You are not considering how these cars are used and who bought them.

Old people and fleets buy Lincolns, they don't hear or report problems like rattles.

Porsches and Jags are not only cars so their owners don't spend every day in them. Plus, Porsches are pretty well prepped before you pick them up (I can not speak for Jag).

Look at the a-holes who buy BMWs, its amazing that they are not on the bottom of the list
I agree, I think this list is quite a bit out of order. Different owners definitely report more and if you take a look at the demographic of these different makes, it makes sense that some are more reported than others.

This is why reliability ratings should be taken with a grain of salt, I think the traditional groups - Toyota (minus a small stretch with the Camrys), Lexus, Infiniti, Honda and Acura should always be towards the top. The reason is that I see most of these cars on the road still running well from back in the day, my personal experience also agrees. My VW was the absolute worst, followed by my Jeep, followed by a Chrysler, followed by BMW while my Toyotas, Lexuses and Mazdas have been top notch, then let's not even bring in maintenance costs or god forbid if anything were to break.
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