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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
The M3 is an entirely reasonable daily driver and a LOT of fun, but if you're coming from a diesel I would recommend test driving first. The d will be able to deliver far more acceleration without a downshift, whereas getting the same thrust out of an M3 requires you to be higher up in the rev band, which generally isn't done in the city because it makes bad gas mileage even worse and sounds obnoxious (but awesome!).

If you plan to track or at least drive on some fun back country roads, the M3 will be one amazing machine for you. If you plan to use it ONLY as a DD though, I would think very carefully about this decision. As other have said, your gas, insurance, and service/repair bills will all be higher and if your driving scenarios are only those where the M3 can't stretch its legs (and is arguably at a torque disadvantage), it may not be worthwhile for you.

If you're also considering a 135 or 335i, those would be better suited for DD, although I'm surprised you didn't add the 335d to the list. Are you unhappy with your diesel?
Great reply thank you

to elaborate on some of the things above... the drive and usage:

ATM i drive daily to office 15 to 20min drive one way... on the weekend ill go for an hour or 2 drive mix of highway and fast backside roads and city.

Every 2 to 3 weeks i go to visit my parents in another country that's a 4 hour drive cca 800kilometers there and back...

To the question why not 335d well if i wanted that i can have my 330d mapped to have same power as 335d so why bother... and im still considering to do that before i make any decision anyway.

I driven a 335i and found it more fun to drive compared to the diesel maybe the combo of high revs and engine sound is what did it for me...

As said awesome reply thx keep them coming guys appreciated.