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Originally Posted by M3Now! View Post
You actually have to hold the left paddle in for a second or two, and FLOOR it (think you have to press through the detente) and it'll shift all the way down. Haven't tried it in D, only in M so can't say.
That's not true. You only need to have the accelerator pressed fully to the floor and then click the paddle as you normally would. There's no need to hold the paddle down at all.

Now, it may be true that if you hold the paddle down first and then floor it, it still does the multigear shift. But even if that works, keep in mind the transmission will actually have done two downshifts in this situation - one when you first pulled the paddle and one when you floored the accelerator.

Originally Posted by bmw_enthusiasm View Post
well..on a 6MT from 6 to 2nd...?
usually I'd do 6 to 3rd....for the turn...
anything below that you are breaking
Not sure what you meant by breaking it. If you meant "breaking it loose", then that would all depend on how fast you are going and how you use the accelerator. If you meant "damaging it", then no, you cannot damage a transmission by downshifting, unless you are talking about an overrev (money shift). But that would depend on the speed in which you are going. You can travel at over 70mph in 2nd gear, remember. And of course, while you can overrev a manual, with DCT it won't let you shift into an overrev situation.
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