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Originally Posted by Hamster12011 View Post
I take your points very seriously. Compared to a Buick or an infiniti, the Equus is a great car. However when the president of Hyundai came out and said here is the new Equus, it is just as good as the S-Class, LS, A8, and 7 Series..... I had my doubts. I have seen an Equus completely taken apart and have studied it's build and repair processes for the collision repair industry as that is what my job involves. It is no-where close to any of those cars. I am sorry, but it just isn't. It is no more advanced in it's construction then an Accent. When you look at the so called rivals, there are massive differences between a 3-series and a 7 series and a Lexus IS and a LS. I would have no problems with it if the weren't trying to market it as an S-class rival because it is misleading.

In the end, my dislike for Hyundai comes from the way they market their cars. I remember when the new Sonata came out, they ran a commercial stating that it had better paint quality then a Mercedes CLS. That caption was dropped after about 2 weeks after airing because it was false advertising. They were stating that their car had less "Orange Peel" then the Mercedes. This is not a sign of better paint quality. Considering that Mercedes uses a PPG Ceramic Clear coat on their cars which is extremely durable and will retain it's gloss much longer then a regular water based clear coat, the Mercedes actually has the better paint quality. I notice they still run that ad every now and then, but the caption is nowhere to be seen.Aslo BMW offers a 12 year rust warranty on their cars. That is the best in the industry. Hyundai offers 5 years tops. So your warranty comment lacks ground as even Chrysler offered a lifetime warranty on their cars a few years back and you can't tell me that they build the best cars out there.
I thought you work in the auto industry?



Covers perforation (rust hole through the body panel from inside to outside) corrosion of original Hyundai body sheet metal due to defects in material or factory workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.
Since this thread is about VW..we should compare apples to apples.

VW only offers 3 years/36k miles for basic limited warranty vs Hyundai 5 year/60k miles.

VW offers 5 years/60k miles for powertrain warranty vs Hyundai 10 year/100k miles.

Now, tell us which warranty is better..

Originally Posted by Hamster12011 View Post
So you are using third party information to try and get your point across. That is fine. I work with the auto manufacturers first hand everyday at my job and have access to almost any technical data I request from them. I have taken Hyundai's manufacturer training as well as VW's and Hyundai and Kia are not even close when it comes to the things I mentioned in my previous post. Do you even understand things like tensile strength and what the difference is between HSS, UHSS and HSLA body panels? If you do, then I will listen to your statements more seriously.

Also, I would rethink your need to depend on companies like JD Power or Consumer Reports for your data. They have been very wrong about many vehicles in the past. Consumer Reports listed the Lexus GX460 as a "DO NOT BUY" due to something as tiny as as traction control issue that could be updated with nothing more then a software reprogram.
That vehicle is one of the best SUV's you can buy.
I am using solid concrete evidence such as actual crash test conducted by IIHS. Why don't you show us some concrete evidence to prove your points? I can talk out of my ass too if I want to..

By the way, the GX460 is on the "do not buy list" because it has a high risk of rollover.

You can read more here:

Consumer Reports Says Lexus GX 460 Is Unsafe