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well..on a 6MT from 6 to 2nd...?
usually I'd do 6 to 3rd....for the turn...
anything below that you are breaking

Originally Posted by spmd11 View Post
Alright.. we are at 711 miles on the new e93 M and our first experience ever with DCT. Had an 09 e90 M3 6MT, so this is an adjustment. So far, there is a lot to like about the tranny. I've been experimenting with the different shift speed settings, but here are a couple of annoying things.

1. In manual, I have no way to skip gears. Say for instance I am slowing down from a 55mph secondary road to turn into our neighborhood, I can't skip from 7 to 2 for the turn.. I must down shift through every single gear to get to second. In the 6 speed of course, one would just go from 6 straight into 2. Is there a way around this?

2. I haven't found an optimal D mode as far as shift aggressiveness and economy. I like the quick shifting in the highest mode, but then the transmission will not upshift to 7 once i'm cruising. It seems to be stuck in 6, even after I'm off the throttle. Any suggestions on this?