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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
A blanket statement like that is simply not true. Furthermore, performance has MANY aspects, so depends what you're talking about. And finally, a HUGE factor is surface, where some might benefit 18s and others 19s. Too many factors to throw a blanket statement like that .

For starters, the stock 18" setup is HEAVIER than the 220 setup, but lighter than ZCP. However, ZCP wheels are wider, with suspension slightly stiffer, BUT same tire sizes; which setup is better? Forged 18s lighter than 220s would be a better argument, but they still wouldn't be as good as 19s in every surface. Just look at every modern supercar, and none I remember has 18s ; there must be a reason.

Bottom line is for the OPs problem, he'd benefit the best with a forged set of 18s IMO. Good day gang.
I full agree here.... I saw significant performance increase at road atlanta with 19's over 18's. Same rubber, same day - back to back runs with 19's with slightly wider rubber. less sidewall means less tire squirm - simliar to having stiffer springs - less time wasted in transition.

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The reason is that premium race/performance rubber is cheaper in 18 that 19. Thats about it.