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Originally Posted by nkgmd View Post
Not sure if I should scrap it and go back to stock exhaust, but it's already included in my lease and they said I'll have to pay extra for the stock exhaust.
I'd go to your place, and gladly swap your exhaust with my stock one already painted ceramic flat black (except tips) . Seriously, that drone is totally unacceptable. And dealer should give you your stock exhaust back man; just ask them. Unless they charged you only the difference, that exhaust is yours. You can put it back and sell the other. But I'd make them check all bolts removed, especially if they removed the differential brackets, which has resulted in many broken differentials, so doesn't hurt to ask. If they're loose, they might be causing the drone; can't imagine them leaving the 2 exhaust clamps loose .

Please keep us posted, as if it really drones, I'd scratch it from a possible upgrade in the future. Take care, and good luck.

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