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Suh needs to cut the shit out. I don't mind the penalties he gets for being "mean" or hungry, but that shot to Blomo's face was shitty and could have cost us the game. If we had lost, you know he would have been on the hook for it, and I hope Schwartz leans into him really hard.

That being said, I've always been a fan of Carpenter, despite the school he went to. LBs today led the team in tackles which is always good (last year it was a lot of secondary guys and linemen).

Peterman and Backus are severe liabilities as expected. Cunningham needs to start blitzing more, and at least get your DBs and LBs on the line to disrupt the routes sometimes. Stafford needs to start his games better. Best is getting beat up already despite not even getting many carries. Special teams coverage is shit.

We've got plenty to work on. At least when Fairley gets back, we'll gain at least 10 yards per game just by not having to have Corey Williams jump offsides all the time.

We're not going to be able to rely on that game plan to win a whole lot of games. Right now, we're sending a message that "Yeah, we're the Lions, and you can knock us down, but we'll get up and knock you the fuck out." That message needs to be the same, but how about we not get knocked down in the first place?