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Arrow HELP! Purchase E92 M3 w/V8 or wait for next gen F82 M4 w/V6

EDIT 8: Let's just see how things are when my lease is up. I don't want to buy a car that is going to be old in a year.

So as you can see, I drive an E92 LCI 328 alpine white on coral red pretty much fully equipped.

I love my car and haven't had any really bad complaints with it (currently 7 months since lease began; now at about 6k miles)

My lease is for 3 years and my sister wants to get a BMW just like mine (she won't need a car until around June/July).

So I was thinking of ordering an E92 M3 with the naturally aspirated V8 around May/June (and waiting the long 2 months again), because the rumor that the next gen M3, the M4, will have V6 engine with twin turbo.

I know a V6 will save on fuel consumption, but I do not care about that.

What do you guys think?
Wait for the F82 M4 and get it when my lease is up (January 2014) or order an E92 M3 in May/June?

the thing that I am worried about is that production will stop for the E92 M3 in June...

If I were to get an M3, it would be to buy a it with the options I want (like how I did for the 328i).
I am considering European Delivery too.

Money is not an issue.

So after thinking for some time and getting comments from different people, I think I should just go with a 3 year lease on an E92 M3 and going from there. Thoughts on that?

Thanks everyone for opinions and votes. I think I am going to lease an E92 M3 in either Jerez Black or Jet Black with Fox Red/Black/Black interior and carbon fiber trim nicely equipped around May/June for 3 years. Do some basic cosmetic mods along with adding camera in the front so I can be sure bumper is safe when parking and just enjoy it! Thanks!

I'm swaying back and forth on the situation. As of now, I will just go along with my 328i coupe (as I am extremely happy with it) and go from there once my lease is finished (January 2014. I might just buy my current car at the end of the lease if the new body of the 3/4 series fails to impress me as much as the current generation. Even if I do like the new design, I will probably wait one or two years for the M4 (or whatever it's called) to evolve (little tweaks and fix issues) and then buy it and do European Delivery (around 2015-2016). If it is possible and worth extending my lease, that's an option too.

A used 2011 e93 m3 is starting to seem appealing to me especially because the weather in LA is beautiful.
(to buy when my lease finishes in early 2014 assuming the new M4 is not what I am looking for and I do not get sick of the e92/e93 design;
I just love the current design!!!)

EDIT 7: So after seeing the awesome renderings of the M4 ( I am going to wait. I am not a huge fan of the design, but I want the upgraded interior and new features like head-up display and cameras. When I think of it though, not a big deal. So let's see how the F30 is when it comes out. Maybe that will help me decide. I am running against the clock here though as production is ending soon!!! *thinking of an e92 M3 white on red (yes I know, again. lol. it's just the sexiest combo)

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