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Potential E92 M3 purchase need advice...


Ill cut to the brass tax i have been lurking at the M3 s and now found one that is priced very resonably and pretty much has what i need from the optional equipment...

Ill have a test ride with thebcurrent owner tomorow and as i know me im afraid ill will be blown away by it and jump the gun...

Atm as u can see im driving a 330d E90, what i would like to know is how is the M3 as a day to day car. What can i expect out of the afterpurchase expences... How do service cost compare?

I do not really want to buy it to figure out i cant maintain it... I know the cosuption is uncomparale but that i would swallow for that awesome V8 sound

Maybe i should look at. 135i or 335i?

All replyes much appreciated.

Regards L.