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Reading Motor Trend doesn't make you an expert.
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So you are using third party information to try and get your point across. That is fine. I work with the auto manufacturers first hand everyday at my job and have access to almost any technical data I request from them. I have taken Hyundai's manufacturer training as well as VW's and Hyundai and Kia are not even close when it comes to the things I mentioned in my previous post. Do you even understand things like tensile strength and what the difference is between HSS, UHSS and HSLA body panels? If you do, then I will listen to your statements more seriously.

Also, I would rethink your need to depend on companies like JD Power or Consumer Reports for your data. They have been very wrong about many vehicles in the past. Consumer Reports listed the Lexus GX460 as a "DO NOT BUY" due to something as tiny as as traction control issue that could be updated with nothing more then a software reprogram.
That vehicle is one of the best SUV's you can buy.

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