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Originally Posted by Gregxi View Post
The ratings greed caused the fiasco on game one.
I was impressed by the kid last night, a great performance reset the Yankees pitching lineup. It's nice seeing a homegrown Yankee also
Yeah I have a feeling you guys are going to be teeing off on Scherzer. He's terrible on the road, especially in hitters' parks. This is why I'm pissed at the way things transpired; we needed him to start at home. How many pitches did JV throw on Friday? 30-ish? You have to wonder if it'd be smarter to start JV today and save Scherzer for home, even if it is against CC.

This is what I was talking about concerning our rotation.... We only have 2.5 good starters, and that ".5" is Scherzer AT HOME. This is going to suck pretty bad.