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Originally Posted by ASENNA View Post
Thanks for all the comments and advice.

It is a new car, and I will check for the shipping blocks, although I wouldn't say my ride was brutal. It felt fine the other day when I overtook 2 cars and a truck at 150kmh, but I don't think there's much future in going 50% over the speed limit. It was the first time I put the foot down and was shocked when I saw the clock.

Not test driving it wasn't the best move. I'd been fascinated with BMW's since I was young and just assumed I would love what many think is the ultimate bimmer. I don't think I bought the wrong car, I just need to win the lottery and build some decent roads around here. You can't go 50 metres without dodging potholes and patchwork.

I will probably go for the 18" wheels, which brands are the best? I think I will keep the 19's and track this car someday, hopefully I don't wet my panties
Two things with the shipping blocks....they make the front end sit a little high (this should be a clue) and they are INSIDE the rubber shroud of the front shocks, so they are NOT VISIBLE when you just jack up the car and look under there.

Good luck.
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