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recommended air freshener for ac vents?

I like to use Pinnacle leather and vinyl cleaner on my interior - it has a clean, slightly citrus smell - fresh but subtle.

I work out a lot and drive my car to the gym. My car smells good but when I first turn on my car I get a 3-4 second blast of warm, sweaty air.

Also, if I point the air vent at my face the undertone of the air isn\'t as fresh as it should be. I think the solution is to find a good air freshener that I can spray into the air vents.

So can you recommend any clean/citrus/neutral air fresheners I could use for this? I guess the air freshener would need a wd-40 type nozzle hose I could stick into the air vent - I wouldn\'t want to spray it all over the outside of the vents. Please advise....