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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
So the daily corporate bankruptcies, the bailouts, the Dow at 6500, the recession, the escalating unemployment, the tanking real estate market - those are all still the same? Funny, because it would seem you've had your head up your ass this whole time.

You disregard all the facts and reality of what's actually transpired, just so you can make profane tirades about the guy. You're the problem, you and your ilk are the reason there's a deep divide in govt and in the US population. Because you ignore facts and are purely driven by hate.

You are so delusional I had to go over Reagan's unemployment figures 3 times before you realized that your memories of him are fantasy.
Companies are still folding daily (and many top retailers on the verge of failure or significant stores being shuttered), we never got out of the recession, the housing market is abysmal, unemployment is still 9.xx%. This shit is going on TODAY. Pull your head of out your ass for just a moment and do a reality check for Christsake. You are living in a goddamn fantasty world if you think things are "peachy keen".

Look at your own fucking chart and see how quick Reagan's unemployment numbers improved. Unemployment was NEVER above 11% like you claim. From '83 to '84 unemployment went from 10.xx% to 8% and by '86 is was under 7%. Are you going to sit there and tell me BHO's numbers are anywhere remotely close to those in terms of recovery? Shake your head dude...your eyes are stuck. Stuck on stupid.

Economy recovering? If it does (and it won't with his current stance on policy and regulation), it will be in spite of him not because of him.

See Barry's stunning unemployment numbers here

Go punch in the timeframe when Reagan was President at the top of that page and you decide who has done better in their first 2.5 years. You will also see that you are a complete fabricator of facts vis a vis unemployment above 11%. You lose....again.

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