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some people are just unreal, sorry to hear man..

I was driving on the freeway on the way back to school last weekend and was in the middle lane passing cars on both left and right of me goin about 70 in a 65. A lot of traffic and two sport bikes came cruising up atleast 80 or 85. One got in the far left lane and blew past everyone, the other was stuck behind me. I'm like you with the situational awareness thing when I got my boating license as a kid (always had to look around the lake and be aware of any other boaters). So I knew this bike was going to want to get around me asap. As I'm overtaking the car next to me I began signaling to get back into the slow lane because I knew he'd try to get over as soon as he could. I had it on plenty early and begin getting over in front of the car i just passed and the prick gets over too and passes me in the same lane that im pulling into. It blows my mind how reckless they can be. In all that traffic, crashing a bike a 70+ I dont see you you would survive...