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Originally Posted by AudiS5 View Post
Looks amazing, but what took 9 hours. This looks like a wash, clay, prep and protect job. Didn't involve any polishing. Not knockin your work by any means, just curious.

There's a lot more to it than the stuff you listed above...

Plus, doing things the right way and completely thorough takes more time than the average job...

The wash alone takes about 2-3 hours, by the time you apply SONAX to all the wheels, wash each wheel, wheel well, tire, and exhaust tip, you're about an hour out... Then comes the crevice cleaning, which takes about another 30 min to an hour, then comes the wash, which takes about another 30 min. Next is drying the car, about 30 min... Then comes clay, about an hour and a half...

Next comes treating the rubber seals and plastic trim peices, about another 30 min or so...

Then comes the cleaner fluid. You can simply apply it and wipe it off very quickly and easily, however I like to really saturate the finish with the clener fluid, not by applying excessive product, but by going over the area a few times until I have a uniform finish. That takes about 2-3 hours.

Then comes the wax, which when applied using the palms of your hands takes about 4-5 hours and with an applicator about an hour.

The matte parts are also treated using totally different products and have to be done completely separate.

Then comes the wheels, takes about 30 min for each wheel to apply cleaner fluid, wipe it off, apply autobahn and wipe it off (I do this after applying wax to all 4 wheels), apply Pneu, and treat the wheel wells. Remember, I'm treating the face of the wheel and brake caliper (If applicable).

Then comes the body jambs, which takes about another 30 minutes to an hour depending on the car. Then comes cleaning the interior and exterior glass, which takes about another 15 minutes, and then the final wipedown and inspection which takes another hour to an hour and a half.

And then there's little things like polishing the exhaust, vacuuming the interior, etc... that take small amounts of time...

Sorry to rant, but it really bugs me why people don't understand that a proper detailing takes so long!