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Originally Posted by ASENNA View Post
Just upgraded from a 320d to M3 with Zcp and am not enjoying the firmer ride. Silly me with more dollars than sense didn\'t test drive the car. I just assumed the \'comfort\' setting on the EDC would actually do what it infers.

Not being a genius around cars (or anything else for that matter), I need all the advice I can get on making the ride a bit softer. Do I lower the tyre pressures? Change the tyres (PS2\'s)? Change the wheels? Or go as far as altering the suspension? The 320d ride was as firm as I really want it to be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
i think my M3 rides softer than my past 335. the 335 sounded dreadful going over bumps. it almost hurt or sounded like the front end was damaged after a little bump here and there. M3 with 19s the way to go.