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Originally Posted by VVG View Post
MT vs DCT......okay, how about stability control vs. no stability control. Or traction control. Or anti-lock brakes. Let's go even further.....what about basic power steering and power brakes. How about even power windows and door locks.

Each time there was a major technological advancement, there were those that felt it detracted from the "pure" driving experience despite the fact that the feature provided tangible performance, safety and or convenience benefits.

Until very recently, manual transmissions had a clear performance advantage over automatics, but with the development of dual clutch automatics, this is no longer true.

I bought an MT M3 simply for the fun of it, because I enjoy the physical actions involved in shifting and the control I have over the engine-driveline interface. For me, it provides a more rewarding and fun driving experience. However, I fully acknowledge that DCT is the technologically superior option from both a performance and safety standpoint.

Where one chooses to draw the line in terms of how much technology is desireable vs. not is an entirely individual decision, and it goes beyond just transmission choice.

BTW excellent photo above of your M3.