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I expect 1100 to breakdown...then floodgates will really open up as pro's will harvest a ton of bull stops just below that level...will test 1000 very quickly.

Then we should see news from either Ben(QE 2.5 or 3?) or europe(Greece bailout) that will cause the mkts to rise for a few will be violent move up and a bear mkt rally...this will be the last time you want to be long for next yr!

The ECRI says we have entered a recession again...mkts will quickly price this in...earnings will surprise to the downside this qtr.

Gold and Silver need to correct more but it is still in a bull...but this downtrend will be the last time you will get to buy at low levels before the ultimate top.

We are in a secular bear now...mistakes will be corrected for you to the downside from now on.

This chart is the most important chart you need to yourself a favor and look at it...plot out 15 yr SPX chart with 75wk moving avg on it...this chart tells you which side of mkt you need to be on.