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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Totally agree that the fellow in the video in the OP is a total D.B. The guy who was so confused by the PDK is also a D.B. You are confused, perhaps using automatic mode and mis-shifting, you openly hate and mock the PDK transmission and viola, in ONE lap it has a worse time? The standards of unbiased journalism are completely absent in both pieces.

Always nice to see that the MT vs. Automated Manual debate rages on... I've participated in many of those here in this forum. Here we are revisiting all the key points from terminology to insecurity and from performance to involvement. The longevity and passion for the topic tells us there are really some very fundamental chords struck with it.

I've always found automated manuals to be very engaging. Perhaps my appreciation for the technical achievement, hardware and software does bias me even in the midst of pushing my car hard when I am not at all actually thinking about technology. A good AMT/DCT really does free your mind and body to focus on more subtle and delicate parts of driving. Sounds a big new-agey but it is straight up true. Because a MT does take a fair amount of skill, dedication and practice to fully master it isn't surprising that folks come to believe it is essential or required for both "involvement" and enjoyment. It really isn't. In my humble opinion it is mostly pride in a hard won skill and some prejudice as well that keeps many of the pro MT/anti AMT folks stuck with a partial misconception of what driving really is. Pushing a lever with your foot and pulling another with your arm is neither equivalent to driving nor essential to it.

Let the OT debate continue...
I agree with much of what you posted, however, some still appreciate the act the shifting manually. It is not the "belief" of involvement, it is what that person defines as involvement. There is no misconception to either point, partial nor complete. Your second to last sentence is true but that does not change how shifting makes one feel over another.

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