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Wow! Awesome video's man. You should market your skills! I was fortunate enough to live the European deliver and picked up my M3 while stationed at RAF Lakenheath, UK.

Your video's brought a smile and almost a tear man. Not much can compare to the experiance of driving one of the fastest sedans on the European highways. I drove mine from London, through Germany, Ramstein AFB, Nurburgring, Monte Carlo, Nice, Milan, San Remo, Portofino down to my home town of Civitavecchia outside of Rome on the Med. Made Rome to Switzerland in just 1 day and back to London in 2 days total. Good times!

I can't wait to take another European deliver someday of my next BMW/Maseratti/Ferrari or what ever it will be to relive that experiance.

Holy crap, thanks! I was actually hesitant to post the videos but now I'm glad I did

I'm definitely jealous of you being able to live over there, I already miss it and would love to live in the Munich area for a few years or maybe forever! They are just doing things very very right over there. From the driving skills to the food to the women haha.

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i enjoyed the pictures and write-up you posted, thanks for sharing and that's a wonderful M3 you got there.
Thank you!

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Very impressed with the write-up on the ED. Love the pics, love the scenery, and esp Nurburgring!

Nice m3 as well. Good color choice!

I'm still thinking of doing an ED for an e90 or 1M...
You may want to contact a CA soon then! The e90's will stop soon and I'm not sure what the allocations are like on the 1Ms.

You can't go wrong with either car, but I'm glad I went with the M3. I've always wanted an M3 and to be able to own the one and only V8 M3 makes it even better.

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Nice write-up
Are the wheels part of the competition package for 2011? They look different from competition package wheel that I saw earlier... Thanks.
They are just the normal Competition Package wheels, they came wrapped in the Continental ContiSportContact 3s for me. At first I was disappointed I didn't get the PS2's or Super Sports, but they seemed to grip very well and made for a smoother ride than my 335 on run flats!

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Congrats, was a good read!
Thank you sir!