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Originally Posted by WangTa View Post
Hey guys - this is a great thread. Couple questions for you all - where have you all been getting your oil? I read this and a couple other threads, it seems that many are buying the oil change kit from, which is around $140 shipped. Doing the quick math, isn't that expensive? Assuming 10w60 oil is $12 (price is questionable, seen prices from $9 per bottle to $20+ at dealerships), 9 quarts x $12 each + $17 filter = $125? Taxes might kill it and make it even, but was curious where everyone is getting their oil/filters from.

Also, is everybody using a jack/ramp setup? Is this absolutely necessary? I don't have either, and while I'm sure they would make the job much easier, I would prefer not to if it's not absolutely necessary. Then again, it probably makes sense to have them for future oil changes, cars, etc. I have no idea how much these cost either, so maybe it's not as bad an investment as initially thought.
Thanks guys - you rock!
If your dealer isn't gouging, I'd get it locally. I pay $11.25/liter with 10% club discount ($12.50 list).

BillK's method (post #189 last page) of just jacking up the front, taking out the plugs and lowering it to drain is pretty simple. You may need to drive the front up on some wood blocks to get your jack under the front, though, even from the side.

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