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Pacific Raceways Winter Lapping Days

PacNWers!! Did you see this - this is so cool ... Has anyone done these days previous winters? if so, what has your experience been like? do they do passing zones and let bys or is it a free-for-all ?

2011 Pacific Raceways Open Road Course Test & Tune


Driver Gold Card $450.00 (The total amount covers all 8 races)

Day of Registration $100.00

Spectators FREE


October 23rd Sunday

October 30th Sunday

November 6th Sunday

November 12th Saturday

November 19th Saturday

December 3rd Saturday

December 10th Saturday

December 17th Saturday

Daily Schedule Times

Gates Open 7:30am

Registration 8:00am-3:00pm

Technical Inspection 8:00am-3:00pm

Mandatory Driverís Meeting 8:30am

Track Open 9:00am

Track Closed 4:30pm

TNT Groups:

Levels: Novice, Intermediate- Advanced, and Pro Race Groups

Pro Groups will be separated into two fields, open wheel

and closed wheel.

Tech Inspection:

All cars must conform to the following:

Battery tied down and secure
Fluid reservoirs secured and capped
Tires in satisfactory condition (no visible patches, blisters, etc.)
No lug nuts may be missing. Wheels must be in satisfactory condition
Brake lights working
Convertible cars must have roll bar
Seatbelts in satisfactory condition
Brake fluid reservoir must be filled to the manufacturerís specifications
Exhaust systems must be secured
Interior must be clear of all loose objects. Interior items must be secured or removed.
All vehicle safety determinations (go or no-go) and driver qualifications are subject to the decision of the PR Staff

Pro Group:

This group is specifically for race cars. All race cars must comply with the following:

Must comply with the applicable sanctioning body safety rules as in (PCA, NASA, SCCA, etc.)
For the Non Street Legal Group, the driver requirements should include-Must have, or have had, a sanctioning body competition license or sufficient advanced drivers group DE or Touring Club experience. Must have a fire retardant driving suit, gloves, qualified helmet, and leather or flame retardant shoes. Enclosed cars must have a window net and open car driver must wear arm restraints and full face shield helmet.
There will be an open wheel and closed wheel Pro Group Class.

Rules and Regulations:

Track Rules

Please remember this is not a race. If you are driving competitively or in violation of the rules below, you will be asked to leave the track and the facility with no refund. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Drivers will be grouped by experience
Each group session will last no longer than 20 minutes
Erratic drivers, regardless of experience, will be black flagged and may be ejected from the event
Instructor/official instructions must be obeyed at all times
If you run off track (4-wheels off) or spin, you must proceed directly into pit lane
Passengers, except instructors, are not permitted
Absolutely no racing will be tolerated


Definition of flag use

Standing = Held out stationary where drivers can easily see.

Waving = Displaying flag to drivers, drawing a figure eight in the air with the flag end of stick.

Command flags tell the drivers they mustdo what the flag means.

YELLOW WAVING = when displayed as Waving - Great Danger, something on or partially on track surface. Slow down, prepare to stop. NO PASSING from flag until past emergency area.

YELLOW STANDING = Display Stationary. Meaning is Caution, NO PASSING, and get car under control. There is something near track that is hazardous.

BLACK FLAG WAVING = when displayed at all turn stationsĖ means the session has been halted and all cars shall proceed directly to the pits.

FURLED BLACK FLAG or CLOSED BLACK FLAG, (Displayed at Starter Station Only), Displayed as a shaking stick pointed at certain driver usually accompanied by a number board. Driver is doing something that they arenít allowed to do.

OPEN BLACK FLAG, Displayed Standing -when displayed at starter station to a specific car, that car is to proceed directly to the pits to talk with event control, canít take another lap.

MECHANICAL BLACK = Displayed Standing at Starter Station to an individual car. Meaning is there is something mechanically wrong with your car. Proceed to pit at reduced speed.

RED WAVING = Standing or waving at All Turn Stations. This flag is used only when Control commands it. Meaning Ėthere is EXTREME danger on the track. Slow down in a safe manner and pull to the side of the track near the next manned turn station and stop. Do not proceed until instructed by a turn official.

CHECKERED WAVING = Session has ended. Return to pits in a slow controlled manner.

These flags make drivers aware of track conditions only.

BLUE FLAG (Blue with Diagonal Yellow Stripe)

This flag explains that someone faster is coming up the rear. This flag may be displayed standing or waving (rocked side to side) depending upon the speed with which one car is overtaking another. More movement indicates urgency.

SURFACE CONDITION FLAG (Yellow and Red stripes)

This is displayed as standing flag. Meaning is take care Oil or other slippery condition exists, or debris is present on racing surface.

WHITE FLAG (Solid White)

This flag is displayed standing. Meaning is Caution; you are approaching a slow moving racecar, ambulance or other emergency vehicle.

The green flag indicates that the course is clear and the session has started.

Driver Requirements:

All drivers must show current, legal driverís license
All drivers must explain their on-track experience
Snell SA or M, 2000 or newer rated helmets are required
Seat belts, long pants, short sleeved shirts, and closed toed shoes must be worn at all times