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I said the average unemployment during Reagans first four years was 7.5%. For one month it hit north of 10%.....just like BHO in 10/09 when it hit 10.1%. On average, unempoyment has been north of 9% during BHO's entire term. The difference is that Ronald Reagan was a leader and rectified the situation. BHO thinks more spending is needed....and wants to start class warfare and steal from the rich. The top 1% pay half of the entire tax burden in this country. The top 10% pay 75%. We all know that 50% don't pay any income taxes. How about we start there and ask those to pony up? I never got a job from a poor person. Have you?

How convenient --- the "Uncle Tom" comes out about a black conservative . Who didn't see that coming? You are a riot man. Unlike you who fabricates shit --- I worked on the Steele campaign. If I revealed my real name you'd find it easily in the documents. Go ahead projecting racism. I think we all know here who the real racist is.

You're right. If I was talking about Kanye or Rev Al I would be talking.....talking about two rhymes for a living and the other is a documented racist (see Tawana Brawley, see Duke lacross players case, and the list goes on and on)

Sorry pal....he was referred to as Barry when he entered college

Wise up

Clinton was much more liberal than Obama? Dude, pull your head out of your ass. Bill Clinton was left of center. BHO is left of left. Barack Obama's voting record (THIS IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE......GO READ IT FOR YOURSELF) was the most liberal of all in Congress prior to his election.

What irks me with him? Seriously? Do you struggle with reading comprehension?

I'm done trying to educate you and point out your countless fallacies.