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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
Why do you imply that every negative statement towards Obama or his accomplishments must be racially motivated? There is no dog whistle in the OP, but you can put one there if you inject all these hypothetical scenarios about people you've never met and know nothing about.

Like I said, I see no dog whistle in the pic. I see two individual pictures of two individuals, and it doesn't look like they were against having their pictures taken at that time. I see two undoctored photographs with two young gentlemen in them. Underneath the pics, both have their names in the same size font, both have their full names, and there is no emboldened part of either man's name, nor anything to draw your attention to parts of their name.

Obama shouldn't have to hide from his middle name. Sure, lots of ignorant Americans look at it and pre-judge, but just because it makes an appearance under a picture of him, as his fully spelled out name, while the other guy also has his name fully spelled out.... Why should he have to hide his name? Should ol' Ricky-boy have his whole name while Obama is only entitled to First+Last? What then? Only the whitey is good enough to have his whole name spelled out? Where does this end? You are going to put a dog whistle into every negative pic as well as projecting them into your image of other peoples' thoughts if they are in any way negatively geared towards Obama.

Why are you being so willfully blind? I'm not saying that EVERY negative statement against Obama is racist. That is a strawman.

What I am saying is that when Obama's middle name is used in the context of a negative attack upon Obama, 99% of the time it is used as an Islamophobic dog whistle.

If you can't understand this absolute truth, you are being willfully blind. The sad thing is that you KNOW that there are anti-Obama haters that respond to this dog-whistle. You KNOW that it is a dog whistle. You KNOW that people intentionally use this as the Islamophobic dog whistle that it is. But you will dig and hunt for any excuse for this particular use of this dog whistle somehow being the innocent exception.

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