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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
I know a lot of people who don't like President Obama based solely on factors outside of race. I don't know the man personally, but I can tell you I don't like him as POTUS. I can also tell you that it has nothing to do with race.

It's fine to dislike Obama because of his policies. But if someone EXPRESSES their hatred of Obama's policies by using racial epitaphs, or racial dog whistles, or racial stereotyping, they don't get to claim they aren't a racist just because they also disagree with Obama's policies.

For an extreme example, if someone hates Obama's Healthcare policy and then says that "N!!g3r Obama shouldn't be President", they don't then get to hide behind their dislike of Obamacare and then claim their comment wasn't racist. I'm not saying anything here is that extreme of an example, but the same holds true with what is going on here.

When people here hate Obama's policies, and then use racial/religious dog whistles to attack Obama, they don't get to hide behind their dislike of Obama's policy to defend the use of racial/religious dog whistles.