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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Come on dude, listen to yourself! No one who doesn't hate Obama would ever create/post a picture using his full name. Stop it with the fake ignorance.
People only have their full names displayed when being racially attacked? This I did not know; thank you for the educational experience.

Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Why do they have both of their full names under their pics? What value does that add to the comparison between these two Presidential candidates?

Clearly the person who created this went well out of their way just to include these names instead of just using the names each of them use for themselves. What value did this add to the point they were trying to make?
Again, you guys are fabricating issues here.

What point were they trying to make? They were trying to show Obama as a lazy 22 year old, and Perry as a motivated, dedicated, strong young man at 22. This they did.