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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
To answer your questions,

1) The OP, right in the picture.

2) alms211, in post 9.

Now maybe you can be so kind as to answer my question.

What is the added value of bringing up Obama's racial heritage in a Perry vs. Obama thread comparing two Presidential candidates? How does bringing up Obama's mixed racial background further this comparison between these Presidential candidates?

Same question with using Obama's middle name. What added value does using his middle name of traditional Muslim origin add to the comparison between these two Presidential candidates? Obama himself doesn't commonly use his middle name (unlike Rick Parry), so how does using Obama's traditional Muslim origin middle name further this comparison between these Presidential candidates?

What is the added value to the comparison of these two Presidential candidates of using

When I posted a picture of actually what Obama was doing at age 22, NOT working the crops?
I am going to disagree with you about when the issue of race was brought into this thread. There is no implied racism in the initial pic unless you can see through the OP/creator's skull and decipher their motivations. I can't do this. So, when was the issue of race brought up in the thread? Who mentions it first?

Also, they've both got their full names under their pics. Why not be consistent in their portrayals in that respect. The content of the pics are most definitely intentionally shedding a different light on each guy, but no one put a big circle around "Hussein" with a bunch of MSPaint arrows around it, did they?

Good Lord, you guys are crazy. The initial pic was just a pic manipulated to make Rick Perry look stellar and Obama look lazy. Like I said, this shit has gone on forever.